The fixed fee full service umbrella for contractors

All SG Umbrella clients get the same great level of service from our experienced Accountants, with our service including pension contributions, and annual wealth review and the re-assurance of FCSA compliance. We retain a small administration margin from your gross pay. We don’t charge extra for joining or leaving the service and our margin is only deducted when you’re working.

Great Value, Great Service

£20 per week
£78 per month
  • Expert service with IR35 and tax advice
  • Fully compliant – FCSA accredited
  • Super fast and accurate payments
  • Pay as much as you want into your preferred pension, saving tax and NI PLUS save more with Employer Contributions
  • Full employment rights including holiday pay, sick pay, maternity and paternity pay
  • Ability to switch to and from SG Accounting for a Limited Company if needed
  • Annual Wealth Review
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