Coming to the end of your assignment without anything new on the horizon can be a daunting time so SG Umbrella supports our employees in finding their next contract.

We have been working with contractors for over 25 years and have seen both ltd company and umbrella contractors come to us from a large variety of sources.  We have put together this guide that will hopefully help in finding that next contract that’s just right for you.

Get your CV in order

Update your CV with your most recent experience and any further qualifications you have gained.  A good tip is to tailor your CV to different contracts.  Lose the spelling and grammatical mistakes – there are even specialist companies that can help with writing that killer CV.  Once you have your CV in order then the key is to get it in front of as many people as possible.

Recruitment agencies

It’s likely you gained your most recent contract through a recruitment agent and they may have even been in touch knowing that your assignment is coming to an end.  Don’t just limit yourself to one agency…sign up with a few.


Cut out the agency middle man and start doing some networking.  You never know what that casual conversation might lead to.  This could be in person or online – there are some great areas online such as contractor forums or linkedin.


Why not build a website to store your CV and more.  Showcase your talent and provide a bit more evidence on a website that would be too much for your CV alone.  E.g. projects worked on, testimonials from former employers, clients or colleagues.  Recommendations go a long way!

Job sites

There are lots of job boards online that work in the reverse to signing up with recruitment agencies. g. an employer might post a position on the job board and you would contact them directly.

Make a good impression

Be it a telephone interview, casual chat or formal selection process it’s important to be prepared.  Research the client/employer – pick out attributes that you have that would fit with this employer/position and ensure you get that across in an interview.

As always, please do get in touch if we can help you in your future endeavors.